Sell in Social Media

Improve your Online sales: Create a Social Selling Strategy

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Would you like to maximize your online sales?  I will show you how you can do it, simply by using a Social Selling Strategy, as well as all the associated benefits that will positively impact your business.

The main objective of the strategy is to attract more leads, that means quality traffic for your website and translates into more sales. We have heard that an Inbound Marketing Strategy is a crucial part of any Digital Marketing Plan, but Social Selling will be a decisive step, one that is worth considering.


How we buy has changed dramatically in the last decade; any business that wishes to succeed and fulfill its optimum potential needs to be adopting these new buying behaviors and patterns into its marketing technology and methodologies.

That means Social Media. Otherwise, opportunities will be lost to extend the current market, as well as crucial opportunities to extrapolate data, have a better knowledge of what your target audience likes or dislike, delivery of superior customer service; this will all eventually lead to loss of sales.

Nowadays consumers are spending the majority of their free time on Social Media, where their buying decisions are hugely influenced by marketing ploys, advertising, and peer pressure.

It is a fact that more than 50% of consumers have higher engagement and loyalty levels with brands that have a greater presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest. This is because we have become more critical regarding branding and we expect relationships to be built and nourished; we are seeking an emotional connection and a humanization of brands is therefore required.

The concept of Social Selling Strategy is based on taking advantage of social media channels to create a rapport, on a personal level, with potential clients.

With the aim of creating an effective communication, your brand should be as transparent as possible  - thus ensuring an emotional connection is made, which, when consistently maintained, leads to sales that occur just as consistently.

How can you implement a Social Selling Strategy today?

Follow these 3 easy steps to implement a Social Selling Strategy and improve your sells.

Use Google Alerts to configure alerts every time your brand is mentioned on a website. IFTTT can also be utilized if there is a mention in a Google Drive document, Twitter or via any other social media channels.


  • That sounds like it’s the absolute antithesis of what you’re trying to achieve with your business, and understandably so! But starting a conversation with your target audience and actively engaging them is vital for the longevity of repeated sales opportunities and ongoing loyalty from your customers.  

  • How? Create a  Story -  do not try to push people to buy you directly - if we use aggressive selling techniques it will not only create the opposite effect but also puts us at risk of sounding outdated. When someone chooses your product, it will be because of the story behind it - they have created an emotional connection with the product or service on offer, and that will create community, and ergo loyal clients.


  • Even if we can apply this phrase in real life, it is important to apply this concept every single day if one wishes to make a success of an online business; without the face to elements of traditional marketing and sales techniques, it's similar to if your eyes are covered - all other senses need to be `heightened` - it's the same online.

  • You need to listen to and track your data, thus enabling you to be proactive and not simply reactive to any issues that may flag up within your business from time to time. You will detect new selling opportunities and, most crucially, you will be able to adapt to any changes that will come via the application of these amazing business strategies you will now be utilizing.

  • Ensure that every query receives a response; create a FaQ or tutorials to explain in a simple and clear way, how your service or product works.  Social Media can be utilized to create a better database - with all relevant details enclosed - this can then be used to create Email Marketing Campaigns.


  • This is on a par with creating your product or service `story`. Remember to insert direct links to enable product or service purchase. It's also crucial that a great SEO description for every item, and super positive user experience feedback is included in your e-commerce. If these elements are consistently maintained as a top priority, your Social Selling Strategy will be a case of success.