3 Ways to improve your Marketing Content in 2018


You can find two types of content in marketing: strong and weak. How do you think the content will be differentiated? The ones that offer a successful approach are regarded to be ‘strong’ and the ones that have less or minimal successes are ‘weak’.

 When a company is very committed to content marketing the chances are that the content will be working successfully.  Here you can find 3 areas to improve your Content Marketing Strategy in 2018 bringing a decisive difference to your small business that will transform your weak content into strong:

1. Redefine Your Marketing Budget and Your Strategy

When you are going to define your marketing budget I recommend you to invest at least 25% of your budget in content marketing. Why? Because it works, it is one of the best ways to build brand awareness, gain more leads, improve engagement and convert qualified leads into sales. 

How can I do it?

  • Define your differential value, listen and learn about your audience and help them with qualified content without expecting them to buy you straight away.
  • Create a blog, (if you already have one, write more posts), start doing email marketing campaigns and offer something that your competitors are not offering. What about giving a free ebook, free trial or a discount?
  • Make sure that you offer value to your customers and they will come back to you and recommend you.  

Sounds good, but I do not have time…

The good news is that you do not need to do it all by yourself, nowadays we have different options that will help us to achieve our goals on a small budget. How? Use platforms like freelancer.com, upwork.com or fiverr.com. Do not waste all your time to learn all the skills that you need to run a successful business (that will probably make you anxious and it is also practically impossible to be good at creating content, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Google AdWords, Wordpress etc.) You can just hire a professional and forget about it!


2. Create a plan

Now you are convinced that content marketing can make a positive impact on your marketing and sales, and you want to try to increase the investment to see results by yourself. Great, but do you know what are you going to tell to all of your new co-workers?

Start publishing new content without knowing your goal is useless. Have a long-term goal, focus on that and be patient.

How can I create an effective Content Marketing Plan?

Let’s say that your main goal is to sell your weekend cooking courses and you want to start talking about it in your Social Media Channels. If the 90% of your content marketing is just to announce or try to sell it you will not have results. Why? Because we need more than a simple “buy me because I’m great”. In my opinion, we should keep in mind the next sentence: “I’m going to show you why I am great and how can I help you to become great too”. That’s interesting because you are teaching them and creating value without expecting an automatic revenue.

 Ok, Give Me an Example…

It’s easier than you think; you can distribute your monthly content like this:

A) Branding:

  • 40% of the content will be tips to improve your cooking skills
  • 35% of the content will be recipes that viewers can try to make
  • 20% of the content will be books that you recommend, products or interesting information that you want to share with your audience because bring value and make them see you as an expert in your field.

B) Selling:

  • 5% of the content will be a post selling your products or services

3. Quality, quantity, and speed

Remember that like a mantra: Quality, quantity, and speed. You should post quality content (not necessarily all of them), you should have lots of content and you should be fast. If you have great content, but you are posting twice per month you will not see results.

Win your competence, be faster and don’t forget to reply an have a communication with your audience. It is very important to know where your audience is coming from, if you are acquisition customers via Facebook more than Instagram, then be there and improve your brand presence even if you prefer another channel.


I hope these 3 strategies to improve your content marketing can help you. Do you have another one?