Detox your business

How minimalism can improve your business

Minimalism has recently become a popular movement. But is it just a way of life or can you also apply that to your business?

What are the benefits?

“Less is more” it is likely to be the mantra for any minimalist, but what does that mean to your company?

It is based on being more focused and managing time better. Nowadays we try to achieve too many goals at the same time, and we lose focus. Applying the techniques below, you are going to “detox” your business and see results that will go towards achieving your goals

The key is to stop thinking about what you do not have and get rid of what is not working.

The most successful companies are not the ones which have the best tools, the best CRM programs or the best marketing plans. The ones that succeed are the ones that have the skills to manage these tools. That means to know how to use what you have now, what you can outsource, and have insight into what might not work for you, and how to rectify these issues.

You can do the next exercise - this will help you to see things: from a different perspective:

  • Make a list of all your own professional responsibilities within your business (Social media, Web Design, Newsletter creation, Providers, Employee management etc.).

  • Tick the ones that are working and cross out the ones that there are not.

  • Look how many of these responsibilities you can outsource, remember minimalism also means having more freedom with better results.

  • Below you can find some links which provide some alternatives, enabling you to outsource your responsibilities and have more freedom and benefits: and

These are just some of the websites where freelancers can be hired to do create social media content, social media campaigns, graphic design, newsletters or digital assistant, among many other options.

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Apply the “3 post-it rules” and do more in less time

Knowing how to use your time more productively will have a massive impact, not only on efficiency and results within your business, but it also will have a huge impact in your life, allowing you to have more free time for yourself.

Try the next exercise to see how much of an impact `time` can make :

  • Have 3 specific goals for the day, no more. Organize them from the most important until the less and focus on achieving all of them.

  • Avoid any social media distraction until you do not achieve the goals.

  • Do not try to achieve unrealistic aims and learn how to delegate tasks.

  • Write down 3 things that require completion the following day. Do them at the beginning of the day, before checking your email and before any other distraction can tear you away.

The Minimalism Movement is based on avoiding distractions and having a clear focus when on the way to achieving your goals. Get rid of all the things that are not producing the desired results, outsource your responsibilities to get more freedom and, yes, better results and be more productive in less time.