The Art of Rebranding

When you are finished changing, you are finished
— Benjamin Franklin

We live in a world where change is unavoidable and at the same time necessary. There is a need for small business and startups to adapt to the new technologies and new ways to communicate with their audiences to position themselves in a competitive industry.

Why should you consider rebranding?

It is necessary to refresh or redefine your brand identity to grow faster. Rebranding may be due to several reasons, a new purchase or merger, shifting to a new place, on updating a brand that is different and needs of a new audience.  Rebranding can be:

  • Partial Rebrand: This are well-established businesses who wish to update or refresh their identity or services. Through partial rebranding type the brands can get a new focus or at least a new look.
  • Total Rebrand: This is required when companies undergo critical changes. Total rebranding means a new change, fresh imagery and new messaging. 

Got it. How do I know If I need to Rebrand my business?

Rebrand decision should be arrived at considering the adequate motives. However, with rebrand, moving cautiously forward is essential. It must be really purposeful as it is a deliberate step communicating specific goals.

Rebranding due to low sales is a wrong reason.  Why? Firstly, you should analyze why you are in this situation, and after you have enough information to decide if that is the best strategy to implement for your business. 

Likewise, if yours is a small business struggling with money and if you wish to generate leads, avoid considering total rebrand. It may hurt your company, instead, consider marketing campaigns focusing on promoting brand awareness so consider maybe changing your corporate image which can can create a new impression without investing lots of money.

Right Reasons to Rebrand

Brand refers to revealing the values, market, mission, and purpose of the company. A total rebrand is worthy if no longer the products speak about the company. 

Ok. Give some tips...

Collaborations with other brands or influencers can completed change the perception of your brand. Do you remember how H&M change their image when they started doing collaborations with designers creating affordable limited editions? Or how Rihanna rebranded Puma becoming the Art Director?.

The key to any rebrand is in crafting an honest message to his target audience. In fact, staying true is valued and future growth can be envisioned. Make your brand alive with rebranding and ensure it makes a difference.

Are you thinking about rebranding your company?