Why Ethical and Sustainable Marketing is important

Marketing has usually just been seen as a tool to drive sales,  rather than the form of education it actually is,  with the ability to unify branding and ethics, thus providing huge positives for any company, such as increasing profit levels and client engagement. Companies that pay attention to their wider social and environmental impact can be better relied upon to build sustainable profits, whilst simultaneously avoiding pitfalls that can cause damage to prospects and reputation.


- Sue Round, Manager of the EdenTree Amity UK

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A huge number of credible brands are now taking this concept on board as a serious consideration within the modern long-term business plan. What has made a big difference is the realization that being good is actually good for business – it’s not just a `nice` idea.

Being less wasteful saves money, whilst in this current climate being more ethical resonates deeply with today's consumer - thus, caring about everyone’s future assures yours. Consumers now are more demanding than ever and want to know everything about how, and where relevant, from what exactly a product has been made. Not all those in the market will perhaps appreciate the shift in the social or environmental impact of a particular brand, but for those who do care it can be a huge catalytic factor when making a purchase decision, and thereafter can result in a confirmed long-term customer.



Brands that are ethical or sustainable would, of course, like to see the results of their efforts in increased consumer loyalty and number, but most of them don’t know how to apply successful strategies which then naturally lead to even more successful marketing campaigns and higher profits.

It is essential to create a strong and clear strategy that speaks for itself. That means active collaboration with recognized `movements` and even creating new ones that align with the above values and support community involvement. Collaborating with influencers strategically leads to a better user experience - sending a campaign `message` in a way that ensures your brand stands out.