When I started creating my own projects I felt lost and insecure, I had no money to invest and I couldn't afford a Marketing Agency or a professional to help me.  So while I was studying and doing internships I learned by myself how to take photos for my campaigns, how to design and how to create a website. These experiences allowed me to learn what things I should invest money, time and energy and what things I should avoid. 

My objective has been always the same: to learn how to improve a business. That's the reason why I decided to study Neuromarketing, Inbound Marketing, and Digital Marketing. I believe that knowledge will always give you the power to make better decisions and that's why I think you should be constantly learning. 

When I finished my Master's I worked as a Marketing Manager, as a Freelancer, and now as a Digital Marketer. I love helping entrepreneurs to reach their objectives, engage with their audience and see a business grow.

Project: Gibson Magazine (2014)

Project: Gibson Magazine (2014)




fashionbit lauracanal

Fashionbit was a project based in Digital Marketing and Communications exclusive for Ethical and Sustainable Fashion brands, where the main point was to improve the brands results in the online market creating a positive impact focused in their sales.

  • For brands that need an all-new or significantly revised strategic plan to govern how, where, and why they are active in Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and UX User experience design. 


MY T-SHIRT BRAND @inkveins (2011-2015)



Founder of Ink Veins, a brand of handmade t-shirts printed with my charcoal illustrations. Creation of the design, photography and the advertising campaign.






"She came to work with us to coordinate the development of an Online Marketing group and in a very short time we achieved excellent results. She is a person who likes challenges and mastering new skills.
As a member and as a responsible for a team, Laura has the greatest of my recommendations."

H. Di Pasqua Director of the IT Department Taurus Ibérica