Based in Barcelona, Laura Canal is an abstract artist with a previous training in figurative drawing.

Materials exploration and self-discovery

Born in Barcelona, Laura Canal is a self-taught abstract painter. With prior training in figurative art, she spent a trimester at the Barcelona Academy of Art in 2018. Afterward, she became less interested in representing reality, preferring the invisible, expressing emotions with complete freedom.

Influenced by meditative states, Rothko, the Gutai movement of the 1950s in Japan, and fascinated by the chiaroscuro of Caravaggio, Laura Canal creates artwork that explores various techniques and compositions. She seeks ways to innovate with materials and methods experimenting with different mediums. Art is the bridge she has always used to understand the world and herself—for Canal, art is oxygen.

Using Chinese ink, tea, acrylic, diluted washes, earth, and fire, she is driven by spontaneous and intuitive energy. Her work is a constant experiment with herself, a dialogue between chaos and clarity, aggressiveness and delicacy, passion, and sadness. For her, painting is an act of intimacy, vulnerability, and courage. Art is a way to make space for emotions, dissolve them on the canvas, reflect, and not only open the door to feelings but also feel them. Canal believes that art should always move the viewer and aims to evoke a certain discomfort in the observer, as if encountering a stranger—sometimes the stranger is oneself.


Origen Gallery, Madrid, Spain

Parcus Gallery, Group Exhibition, Munich, Germany
Carrousel du Louvre, Art Fair, Paris, France
Parcus Gallery, Group Exhibition, Aistersheim, Austria

Humet Saula, Finalist, Art Contest, Spain